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At SKII Realty, our focus is to provide quintessential service for our clients' portfolio. We specialize in Mortgage Field related Property Preservation Services and Digital Real Estate Solutions. From Procurement to Turnkey,  Rental Agency Services, Asset Management, and Property Repairs: Our team of experts will ensure that every step of the way increases the value and demand of the property.

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Property Asset Management

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Our team of professionals will handle any array of Property Management , Preservation, and Restoration requirements. We complete Tenant / Landlord Services, Re-Key /Security

assignments, Eviction Procedures, Board -Up/ Winterizations, Landscaping, Debris Removal, Tree Extractions, Insurance Claims, Inspections, Broker Price Options, Design Staging and more. No request is too big nor task too small, all you have to do is let us know how we may meet your needs.

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Roof Repair

Deck Restoration

Pressure Washing

Customizing/ Organization

Cabinetry/ Carpentry

Desk Restorations

Flooring  Replacements

Deep Cleaning

SKII Realty & Preservation



For Mortgage Field Services, we offer a complete array of services in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area, surrounding counties, and some other areas upon request.


Using the standard regulations of HUD, FHA, VA qualified financing guidelines, our assessment of properties provides an expert opinion of current and future price opinions based on property conditions, statistical data, and analytics.


Purchase, Sell, and Invest in your next real estate transaction using the latest cryptocurrency option available. Our field experts will arrange for your Real Estate holding to be available in the digital world.